You Have to Brave the Storm to See the Rainbow

Not sure what cosmic crap has been brewing this past week, but I feel like my household has been cursed with crazy behavior and rollercoaster emotions.  Needless to say, I am SO relieved it’s Friday.  An end to a shitty-ass week.

With that being said, I have had some great highlights to my week – Wednesday I drove 2 hours to give a 5 minute presentation for a conference that my day job puts on every year.  It was a great experience, and I would probably do it again next year, if I’m asked to of course.  That night I joined in on some much needed Wine & Yoga time.  My weekly ritual to help melt away my stresses.  Probably one of my favourite parts of the week! The instructor is awesome and light-spirited and she puts up with us crazies that show up on a weekly basis.  It’s wonderful! hahaha.

Last night, my sister took me to a “Cocktails & Calligraphy” class.  Now I am obsessed with brush lettering.  I told the instructor, whom I happen to know since High school, that by the time I am done, I will probably have it all over my walls at home.  We haven’t covered up the builder’s paint yet (I know, it’s been over 2 years), so might as well write all over it before we finally make the time to paint! Alicia at Alicia Spence Design Co did a fabulous job and she got us super pumped.  I think if she didn’t tell us we were already over the allotted time that I would have stayed all night.

Today, a potential client from New York sent me a text message asking for my makeup services!  Apparently I was highly recommended by a fellow makeup artist, so I am quite excited to do this!  Unfortunately, I will not be going to New York to do this, as they are hosting their engagement party at a golf course just North of the salon I partner up with.  But, a girl can dream big and hope for that flight to New York right???  One day! For now, I will be happy with this job; the client sounds like an interesting person, so I can’t wait to meet them!

This weekend I will probably use the time wisely to get shit done at home, reflect on a few things, and spend some time with my kids.  They drive me insane all week long, but they are mine, and mine alone (ok, my husband’s too lol) and need to enjoy me at my best too.

I chose today to talk about my highs, because this week has been full of lows.  I need to remind myself every once in a while that good things happen, whether big or small, and that no matter what storm may pass, there will always be a rainbow and beautiful sunshine waiting for me.  Can’t appreciate the good things without some of the bad.

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday and enjoy the wonderful weather ahead!

Signing off for now,

The Super Exhausted, Working Mommy



It’s Monday

I need some motivation today.

Ever feel like your mind is so busy that you actually draw a blank?  For some of you, this might not make any sense, but there are days where my mind is processing so much that everything becomes a blur and I can’t think of anything to say or write about.  Clearly, because I don’t write often, that means it happens to me all the time.  There are days when I come across people, and I don’t even know what to say.  So, to those people who witness me being awkwardly silent, it’s not that I don’t like you or don’t want to talk to you; it’s my brain that won’t shut up and I can’t pick a thought out.

It has been super busy lately – I’ve got 3 weddings to do makeup for in September and a few other projects coming up that I’m excited for.

In a couple of weeks I will be painting a floral-type mural on my god daughter’s bedroom wall.  It’s a pretty large wall, so I anticipate this to be more than just a 1 day thing.  I had created letters for this wall that spell out her name, and the flowers I used on these letters will be painted on the wall.  Not entirely sure how I will pull this off, but I tend to work well under pressure! hahaha!  So I got some time to think about it still I think.  Shhhhh don’t tell my sister! (Even though she will be one of the first ones to read this).

Below are the letters I created for her.  I actually made my own flowers by pulling the petals off a vine-type flower (sorry, I’m not an expert at flowers, so please excuse me for my lack of naming them!), and I glued the petals together creating this!  So, I will be painting Garden Roses, Regular Roses, and whatever my creation was.  LOL.


On top of this wall mural, my son asked me to turn his room into an Avengers – themed room, and of course, being his mother’s son, he had some ideas of his own.  He’s 7, but super creative and imaginative so I like to hear what he has to say.  Obviously, there are some things I just can not do.  He asked me to do the movie version of the characters and I laughed.  I told him, “I’m good, but I’m not that good”. Besides, movie characters expire – the comic versions are timeless!  This project is going to take me a large amount of time to do though; so I can’t promise you when you will be able to see the final outcome.  Maybe before Christmas?? LOL!

I promised to write more about my work, rather than my personal life, but sometimes it’s hard not to!  My work, whether it be makeup, painting, creating things – is part of my life and what I love to do.  Sometimes I gotta write about the crap that keeps me from being motivated to do what I love.  And other times, like today, I talk about what I’m actually doing with my life.  So, sorry if this blog post isn’t super personal like most of my posts, but I need to focus more on getting my work out there!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Not-So-Super, Super Hardworking, Overwhelmed Mommy!



Short one today

Just fought with my 2.5 year old for 45 minutes for her to eat her food. Yeah…felt like I was negotiating with a brick wall.

It got to the point where she was falling asleep in her booster seat and crying at the same time.  SHE CRIED FOR 45 MINUTES!! I don’ understand how she still had tears left.

Well…guess who won?

Snapchat-650631621So, I am done for today.

Waiting for my husband to get home to tag me out like we are in a tag team wrestling match.

I will be drinking wine and watching TV all evening.

Peace out,

The Super frustrated and exhausted Mommy.


Writer’s Block

I know….I failed.  It is taking me longer than I initially planned to plan out my blog.

I have been keeping busy with my makeup, full time job, social events, LIFE, etc….  However, Once I get going, I will try to be more consistent.  My goal is to start blogging once a week, and eventually once a day.

I also have an almost top secret project I will be starting in the coming months, and it’s pretty exciting.  A friend of mine planted a seed, and now my brain is going 100kms a minute.  So I now have to organize my thoughts onto paper and put a plan into action.

Can’t wait to share this but, I will be taking my time with this because the subject/project is important to me; and I believe a lot of women will benefit from it as well.

In the mean time, I still have my makeup jobs and artwork/décor, and that’s pretty exciting in itself.  Not sure what took me so long to get to this point when I have been doing this for years.  Probably fear of failing?  Fear of the type of response I’d get?  Social media can be so rewarding, but it can tear you down quicker than it takes to build you up.  I am being cautious, but I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone.

Thank you to my followers for your patience and all your love!

I am so excited to share everything with you; hopefully soon!

Signing off for now;

The Not-so-Super, Super Mommy!



Trying to get Organized

So, I have been putting off organizing my “office space” in the basement.  Only because the play area exploded, once again, so I have to deal with toy-mania before I work on my space.

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time my son planted a bomb in the basement; the last time we actually got rid of 2 large garbage bags full because of it.  I am a dog hair away from chucking it all out this time!

Anyone with organization ideas for crafts, papers, fabrics, sewing accessories, and paints???  I welcome any help!! I need to wrap my head around this and take a good 4 days of my already busy time to execute it.  If you have pictures or links to good/cheap organization ideas, please send them my way!


New Look – New Content!

To my regulars, you may have noticed by now I have made some changes to my page, esthetically.  In the coming days, and going forward, I will be changing some of my content as well.

To those who know me on a personal and professional level, you already know the work I do and how much I love it!  To the newcomers and the people just dropping by, I am hoping to keep you interested, and wanting to come back!

I have been a makeup artist for the last 12 years; makeup, aside from singing, has been my passion since I can remember – probably around age 3 or 4?  I would religiously apply cherry chapstick on my lips, copying my mom’s red lipstick.  Through the years, I probably made every makeup mistake girls my age made – frosty blue eyeshadow, white eyeliner, glitter every where, brown lipliner with nude lips…haha!  So it was only fitting that I attend college to become a makeup artist.

I also have a thing for art – I have always been creative in that aspect.  Drawing, painting, creating displays etc.  I used to doodle away in classes, and now that I am looking back – my son is so much like me in that way!  Turning his math to artwork; loves to sing and dance and act out videos.  Yup, like mommy like son!

So, by now, you probably know where I am going with this blog.  I have stayed in my comfort zone for far too long and realized that staying there hasn’t benefited me much so far.  The times where I grew balls and came out of my bubble, I succeeded and didn’t regret it one bit!

Thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to the exciting changes to come!

Goodbye for now!

The New Super Mommy!


Moments of Weakness

I had one of those days yesterday.  It started off fairly well, but progressed into a mentally straining day.

It was rough; a few times I was so exasperated, I actually said “I give up” out loud. I’m a stubborn person, however, lately I have been finding myself giving in to situations because I am just so mentally drained, that I don’t have the energy to put up a fight, or explain myself.

I work from home and I have a vivacious firecracker for a daughter that tests my patience.  So I’m basically working 2 full-time jobs at once.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I really like being able to work from home, especially when my commute can be hell.  However, there are days, more often then not, where I just want to lay in my bed with the covers over my head because it can be so hard.  I pride myself with being a great multi-tasker (as most moms are), but it comes with a hefty price – sanity! or lack-there-of.

I am not writing this to gain sympathy or attention.  I am doing this because I know there are moms out there that are going through the exact same thing, or worst.  I am writing this to let these moms know that they are not alone, even when they feel so alone.  Trust me, I have those days!  I am writing this to let these moms know that they are stronger than they know, that it’s ok to have moments of weakness.  We are human and not immune to emotions.  I am writing this because I need an outlet; a non-biased one; to just let it all out, because sometimes I feel bad venting towards my husband or others in my life.  I am writing this because it helps me to feel better, even though I know those hard days will still come.  I am not writing this to gain advice, but instead, for others to gain perspective.

There are others that don’t know what it’s like (or have forgotten); there are others that have not gone through it yet, but they will.  If being a parent is not in your cards, that is great for you.  Do what makes you happy; however, don’t judge that working mom, stay-at-home mom, soccer/hockey/baseball mom, mini-van mom, moms that take the time to make themselves presentable, the ones that let themselves go because they care more about the health and well-being of their kids; the breast-feeding mom; the bottle/formula-feeding mom; the high-strung mom that is always worrying; the moms that go out with their girlfriends once in a while because they need a break. The single mom.  I could go on.  These moms are all amazing in their own way.  A way that is comforting or familiar to them.  They do what they have to do to survive, to put food on the table, to make sure the house is decent, and most of all: they do what they need to do in order to keep their kids happy, healthy and alive.

So, the next time you see that mom struggling with her frustrated children, or even the mom with kids who are actually behaving for once at the grocery store – don’t judge; but praise them.  They already know how hard their life can be, they get enough of that negativity from themselves.  What they need is to hear positive things; because this world needs more of that – positivity and love!

Signing off for now!

The Not-So-Super, Super Mommy!




My One3One

I never thought how bad my love for food was until I started this program.

I am learning how to fix my gut and everything that could be wrong with it, and in the first week, we have to “try” and cut out as much of the inflammatory foods as possible.  On the list of these foods is: Potatoes (wahhhhh!), Gluten & Grains (Which means yummy bread that I absolutely love), fried foods, artificial sugars, dairy…omg…the list goes on.

The first few weeks is basically dedicated to restarting, igniting my metabolism; hence cutting off everything I loved about food.  Then eventually, I can add certain things back into my daily diet within reason, and as long as my body can handle it.

Let me tell you how hard the first 3 days was.  I felt like an addict.  I couldn’t stop thinking about food, and what I was going to eat next, and I was craving all the bad stuff.  It took SO, SO much for me not to cave.  I found one thing that helped was keeping my mind preoccupied so that I wasn’t thinking about it.  Drinking water kind of helps; but I had to find different ways to satisfy my “mental hunger” basically.

I must say, every day that passes, it gets easier.  It also helps that this program offers a ton of recipes geared towards what you want to get out of it.  Whether it be fat-burning meals, low-carb pizza and bagels (yum!!!), sugar-free sweets (yup!); you name it, they have it!  The recipes help so much knowing that I could still enjoy the types of foods I love, but in different ways.  The possibilities are endless and they offer a lot of community support, linked references if you want to learn more about reversing Diabetes and other illnesses, special videos on featured foods; etc.

One thing I really like about this is that it’s not a set diet plan or a set of strict rules for everyone equally.  You get to customize your diet.  What makes someone else feel like crap, might not have the same effect on you.  Like a “you do you” type of thing.  I am slowly starting to feel better, but I know I have so much more ahead of me.  It’s a 3 month program and it is such an eye-opener already.  I almost feel like I am in health class or science class all over again!  I am learning a lot about the science of food and how it effects your body, and it’s mind-blowing!

I know I am going to face critics and very opinionated people who will feel the need to give me advice; however, my health is more important.  So, I am going to do me, and not pay attention to the negativity and focus on feeling better! I owe it to myself and to my kids to be the best version of myself for as long as humanly possible.

Peace out!

The Not-so-Super, Super Mommy




One of those days

I recently had to stop at a hardware store in town quickly to pick something up; of course toddler in tow.  She will be 2 in 6 days, and I feel like she is ready for a full time job.

She is relentless and stubborn as hell; and my goodness is she moody.  She has the best “resting bitch face” I have ever seen in my life.  That saying “if looks could kill” holds true with her.

Any way, we were leaving the hardware store, and I am holding her hand; all of a sudden I feel it….the tug.  Ughhh, here we go.  She stopped in her tracks and did not want to leave the store.  Not sure why; it was just a hardware store.  But she loves to wander and fill her curiosity bubble.  The greeter behind me was sweet, and laughed a little.  So I played it off and started to laugh too, hoping and praying she doesn’t start to wail!  After about a minute of playing tug of war with her, I finally decided to sweep her up and run out of that store before hell broke loose.

We get to the car, and the fight starts again.  I try to get her in her car seat, and she just started flopping and jerking like a fish out of water.  The way I was handling her, a witness probably would have told me I was being too rough with her.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen, or else I would be in jail for not only being rough with my daughter, but for assaulting a stranger…LOL…joking!  However, that’s how I picture it in my head, I’m not a violet person, I swear!

After crying and screaming and fighting with me, I finally get her jacket off and get her buckled in – after about 3 minutes; which, felt like an hour.  I don’t know how I am not 50lbs lighter having to deal with this little firecracker.

I drive off, Mickey Mouse Club House playing on the DVD player, and I hear her whine again.  This time she is pissed off that she has boots on.  You know, because, why would anyone wear boots outside in the snow?  Now she is fighting with her boots, trying to rip them off, and I am yelling at her to be quiet and we will be home soon.

We get home, and she managed to get 1 boot off.  For a split second I thought about putting that boot on; but I just said, to hell with it, and I ripped the other one off and brought her inside.  Leaving her jacket, and boots inside the car.

This is why I make my husband do everything for me….or have things shipped to the house.  Some days, I just can’t deal.  I’m a mom, yes, but I am human!

Thanks for stopping by on my short rant!


The Not-So-Super, Super Mommy!

PS. I have attached a lovely picture of my daughter’s classic resting bitch face for reference.  All she needs here are sunglasses, a cigar, and “thug life” written across her chest.






New Mommies – I feel you!

Everyone I know either has had a baby or is having one the next 6 months, so I thought I would put this all out there.  I have gone through it twice, and I think I am experienced enough to give some helpful words of wisdom and to be real about it all.

This is not meant to scare you ladies….more so, to prepare you.  You are going to be responsible for this little human being for the rest of your life, or at least until they move out.  Even then, they are yours.  You will ALWAYS worry about them, even when they are married and have kids of their own.

I will start at birth…it will hurt.  Not going to lie, sugar coat it and put a cherry on top.  It will HURT.  If you think you have a high tolerance for pain, think again.  This will make you rethink everything you knew about pain.  My advice, if you are going to try and soldier through your contractions, Breathe!  Sit in a tub of warm water for as long as humanly possible and inhale through your nose and exhale out your mouth.  Don’t be ashamed or feel like you failed if you ask for pain relief.  You are risking everything, including your own life, pushing out a 6-9 lb baby out of you; so that alone makes you a brave and strong mommy.

After birth, you are still going to be in pain.  Your entire body will ache.  Like you just wrestled with Hulk Hogan for 30 rounds.  When you walk, it will feel like your uterus is going to fall out of you.  Your back will be sore for months.  Your breasts will hurt too..sorry ladies, but the soreness you feel now during your pregnancy, is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are going to breastfeed, good for you.  I wish you all the luck in the world.  It’s not easy.  You would think that something as natural as breastfeeding, which is an animal-instinct, would be super easy…well, I am here to tell you, it’s hard.  It’s painful, and not pretty.  However, it’s cheap and so good for your baby.  Some people either choose not to, or can’t.  Again, don’t feel like you failed.  As long as your baby is being fed and is growing, it shouldn’t matter if it’s breast or formula.  Don’t let anyone tell you how to feed your baby and make you feel any less of a mother because of how you choose to give your child life.

Next is a touchy subject.  Visitors: family, friends, you name it.  You will have them.  Lots of them.  It’s unavoidable, unless you have no one that lives within the same province/state as you.  Don’t be afraid to tell them you need space.  The “new baby” high takes over logical thinking and all they want to do is hold your baby and kiss them and pass them around like a hot potato. I get it, the urge to hold something so small and perfect and precious is strong.  But your baby, just like you, just went through this HUGE life-altering event.  They were nice and cosy inside of you.  Now they are a tiny spec in this huge, crazy world.  It’s just as scary for them as it is for you.  Having 10 people passing them around like a gravy boat, is super stressful on their little bodies and will make them cranky.  So, be honest, and let them know you would appreciate it if they helped around the house if they are coming to visit.  You need rest, and so does the baby.  If you are catering to guests, you will never feel rested or sane!

This part is for those family and friends that just can’t wait to hold a baby or want to come over twice a week:  Pleeeeeease respect the new mommy and daddy.  We get you are so excited and in love with this new baby.  But, they need time to adjust to life with a baby.  Baby needs to be put on a routine and most importantly, they are so fragile.  The visits will happen, but keep them to a minimum, and when you do visit, wash your hands!  No kisses around the face!  I’ve read too many horror stories of babies catching life-threatening illnesses and passing away due to something that could have been avoided.  Also, don’t expect to be waited on, hand and foot.  You know where the fridge is, get up and get yourself a drink.  Bring food because lets face it, the new mommy is way too tired to cook you a 5 course meal.  Clean up after yourself.  And one more thing, keep your 2 cents to yourself.  Unless they are straight out asking you for advice, don’t feel the need to give it.

Ok, onto the best part.  Yes, you won’t sleep.  You probably won’t eat much, won’t shower for days, forget to brush your teeth, wear the same clothes all week because they are comfortable and you are too tired to do your own laundry; but, trust me when I say, it’s all worth it.  Your baby is going to change every day, literally, their faces change every day, almost make you think it’s Arya from Game of Thrones, and not your actual baby.  Take pictures EVERY day.  Sing to them.  Read to them.  The new things they learn, the funny faces they make, will melt your heart, and will make you forget that you didn’t have breakfast this morning.  Or you forgot to put last night’s dinner in the fridge.  The baby doesn’t care about that.  They want to feel loved, and safe.  A clean house won’t matter to them.  So don’t feel like you have to clean when people come over.  You are enjoying your time with this precious little angel.  If it bothers your guests that much, they can clean for you.

Children are easily influenced; their minds are sponges.  They will grow up so fast, you will regret not taking a picture of them a week ago or a month ago when they smiled and laughed for the first time.  I look back, and thank you Facebook for the “memories” that pop up every day on my news feed, and I wish I had taken more pictures of me with my kids.  Mothers are always whipping out their phones taking pictures of their kids with other people, and then they have a total of 2 from when they were tiny.  Ask people to take pictures of you enjoying being a mommy.  Don’t feel vain taking selfies with your kids.  Sure, you may have not slept in 2 months, who the hell cares!  I’m not saying to post 100 pictures a day on your social media, I mean, that’s all on you if you want to.

But, having a record of those special moments with them, something to look back on when you feel like going back in time for just a moment out of your day, will remind you of why you decided to have kids in the first place.  They fill your life with joy, so much joy it will make you go insane.  Sometimes I feel like Jekyll and Hyde, one moment I am laughing with them and the next, I am screaming at them to clean up their mess, and not eat the rock they just picked up from the ground.  Kids always know when to say the sweetest thing that will make your heart melt.  They know when you are feeling down, and will give you a great big hug to make you feel better; because when they aren’t feeling well, you give them hugs and care for them so they think they should do the same for you.

Don’t forget, speak to someone.  Anyone.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and emotional, it’s ok.  It’s normal.  But don’t let it eat you up inside.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, and call up your sister, mom, friend, the neighbour…whoever you feel comfortable speaking to.  And just let it all out.  Your sanity and mental health is so important.  If you aren’t happy, and you feel like you are drowning, you can’t take care of a baby.  A happy and healthy mommy, means a happy baby and a healthy family.  You suffer, so does everyone in your household.  Yeah you will let yourself go, but watch out for the serious signs of PPD.  Husbands, baby daddy’s – you need to watch out for this too.  Sometimes she will be so consumed in her own misery that she won’t even notice until it’s too late.  Encourage her to open up, go get a manicure and a Starbucks.  Read a book or 10.  Whatever she needs to feel better about herself and to feel like the Wonder Woman she really is, you help her!  You helped make that baby, so it’s only fair you help her feel better.

Alright, I think I have written enough.

Back to being a mommy now.


The Empathetic Mommy