Being a Parent

I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out how to put this one important blog post together.  This is a big one for me, for very obvious reasons.  However, I’m at an age now where most of my friends are at the same stage as I am, or just starting out and I feel as though this should be done now.  I’m not sure why I have been putting it off for so long.  My own personal demons I suppose.  So here it is, the nitty gritty, the dirt, all the REALNESS.

I often hear people say that they wish that someone would have warned them about what it’s really like to be a parent.  Notice how I say “parent” and not mother;  this is because mothers & fathers in this day in age carry the same responsibility when it comes to their children – or atleast they should.  So this isn’t just for the mothers out there, this is for the dads too!

  1. SACRIFICE – If you are a new parent, congratulations, you just joined the “I can’t come out to the bar this Wednesday night” club.  There are things you used to do so often and without a second thought before a little one came around.  You could just pick up and go.  Now, you are lucky if you can go to the bathroom without someone screaming for you.  Or if you were able to brush your teeth when you woke up this morning; taken a shower that lasted longer than 2 minutes.  Actually SLEPT.  These days all you want to do is lay on your couch and have the TV to yourself, uninterrupted.  I’m not saying this is always the case.  It’s like this for atleast the first 3 years of your child’s life.  Have plans on Friday night?  Oops, here comes Thursday night and your child is throwing up and cranky as shit.  Sorry, looks like you are going to have to cancel your plans.  If your friends can’t understand that your children will always come before them, then they are not your friends.  This leads to my next point.
  2. PEOPLE COME & GO – Once your priorities change and you are at a different stage of your life than most of your friends, you find yourself drifting.  It’s not that you don’t enjoy their company anymore, but you tend to outgrow some of the things you used to do together; and you know what?  That’s ok.  Eventually, if it’s in their cards, they will get to where you are and they will understand why you just never had the time or energy to do anything.  Why you would rather stay home.  Some people will get it, they will stick around no matter what because your friendship is worth it.  Others unfortunately, don’t.  They may never.  To tell you the truth, you shouldn’t worry too much about it because guess what?  You will meet new people.  People who get you.  Haven’t spoken to them in a week or 2, or longer but when you do speak you pick up where you left off?  That’s amazing and a friendship worth the effort.
  3. NO PERSONAL SPACE – AT ALL.  I’m not complaining because I think it’s the worst thing in the world to have a child cling to you all day, every day;  I’m complaining because it’s insanity.  No really, it’s like that torture technique where they lay a person down strapped to a wooden slab and have water constantly dripping on their forehead, and eventually it makes that person go mad.  Yeah, that’s what it’s like.  Now, not a huge amount of people will go through this because these days, they go back to work due to the fact that they can’t afford to be off work to be a stay-at-home parent.  For that small population, ya you know who you are:  You decided to stay home, and good on you!  Or, if you are like me and work from home 98% of the time.  You think they are needy at 6 months, 9 months, 12 months old?  Wait until they are just hitting the terrible twos, or what I like to call, the horrible threes.  It gets worst!  And do you know why it gets worst?  No really, I’m asking why.  I have yet to figure out how this growing child decides to revert back to their baby-like self and need you every minute of every day.  They need to make contact with any part of your body just to make sure you are really there.  They need to be in your face, make sure you hear them when they have told you for the 40th time in a row that they want to eat strawberries.  They climb you like you are Mount Everest, even though there is a perfectly empty seat beside you; they JUST want to sit on you; just because.  There are probably moms and grandmas out there that are just thinking to themselves, oh but you are going to miss this!  Yeah well guess what, I am going to miss my sanity when it’s gone too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddles; but when you haven’t had your body to yourself for 3 years, you feel like a prisoner. Sometimes you hit your breaking point and feel like a piece of shit because you think you just failed as a parent.  You feel guilty when you silently, or maybe not so silently say to yourelf you just want to be left alone for a couple of hours.  This happens more often than people like to admit.  And for the ones that do admit it and do something to change the vicious cycle, GOOD FOR YOU.  You can’t fill a cup from an empty pot.  For the ones who are in denial, you need to check yourself.  I’m going to be brutally honest.  You may be this perfect person on social media who is all rainbows and unicorns; but you are breaking on the inside.  That shit aint healthy.  Now, there are a small amount of people who are geniunely like that, and if you are one of them, I’d like to take a tour of your home and spend a day in the life of you.
  4. INTIMACY – or lack there of.  This is a big one.  If you are lucky enough to have a significant other who actually understands you and what you are going through and doesn’t even mention the word SEX, then congratulations, they are just perfect (or not).  I’ve got a great husband. Took him years to grow up, but he’s amazing.  Does whatever he can to help and yes, completely understands when I’m running on fumes.  However, he is human and he’s got needs and sometimes he has to make sure his needs are heard. He doesn’t pick fights with me if he’s feeling neglected, but he complains.  Anyone who cares will complain.  This is a fact.  There is definitely a certain degree in which the complaining should be at though and if they are constantly on your ass, then they need to be WOKE. If you are in a relationship and think it’s easy, then something is wrong.  Relationships are NOT easy, even the healthy ones.  You have to constantly work at it.  Compromise always.  Dealing with their bads days, and your bad days.  Once you throw kids in the mix, then that’s double or triple of yours and your partner’s personality and that shit is tough.  Learning how to be a cohesive family unit is so important.  I’m not saying I’m perfect at it, because I’m far from it; but I try, and he tries.  We try our best to understand eachother and we actually voice how we feel.  Keeping it all bottled up doesn’t help.  It’s just a bomb waiting to explode and that is never good and people end up getting hurt.  Taking advantage of the people that offer to watch your kids so you guys can have a date night, is super important.  DO IT.  If you can’t make the time to work on your relationship and would much rather go out with friends instead, then that’s a problem that you need to deal with ASAP.  I’m going to drop another truth bomb – once your kids are out of the house and married or whatever it is they choose to do with their adult lives, it’s just you two.  And then what?  18+ years of neglect and you suddenly become strangers and don’t know how to act or talk to one another.  This is a major reason why a lot of marriages fail once the kids are living their own lives. “It’s all about the children! It’s always about the children!” – NO! It’s not always about your children.  That is a major fallacy and you need to get off your damn high horse if you are reading this and thinking it’s true.  They will grow up thinking the world revolves around them and get slapped in the face by that same world.  After everyone is gone, it’s just you two; the person you started this beautiful adventure with. Yeah, it’s amazing if you are still so close with your kids and you see them once a week, or twice a month, and speak to them every day.  But they have their own lives now, and then here you are; strangers in the life you built together.  Where do you go from here?  This is why communication is important.  You guys have 2 hours to yourselves in the evening?  Talk, enjoy eachother’s company.  Drink some alcohol for crying out loud and get freaky! hahahaha, ok I sound silly now.  But you get where I am going with this (hopefully).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this lengthy rant.  There is SO much more that can be said; but I felt as though these were the most crucial points.

If you are feeling hopeless, GET HELP.  We are in this world for a short period of time, and living life in sorrow, drama, and hating it and everyone in it is a damn waste of a life.  We are all so precious and can make a huge impact in people’s lives; why not put in the extra effort to make it a positive one?

The Not-So-Super, Super Mommy





November 1st – A Big Awakening

If you think by reading the title that I am about to unleash some big spiritual secret, think again.  This blog post is mainly about my sudden realization that Christmas is right around the corner.  Thank you November 1st.

I always loved Christmas, especially as a child (duh, all those presents).  However, Christmas as a teenager for me, was less about the presents, and more about the time spent with family.  I loved the “season” of Christmas and everything that it entailed.  I honestly didn’t care about presents at all, and I’m not saying this to sound like I am tooting my own horn; I’m really not.  I loved having that time with my family because for me, family was always #1, still is.

The last 8+ years though, Christmas started giving me anxiety.  Major anxiety! And every year, I feel as though it gets worst (for personal reasons I will not mention).  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to transform my home into a catalogue-styled house and will start decorating as early as I can.  I still don’t care for presents much.  I have 2 kids, and for me it’s all about making them happy and sharing with them, the same traditions I had growing up.  I want them to feel the same joy I did just being around the people they love most, drama and conflict-free, and to appreciate that time with them, rather than the material things.

This year, my family and I decided that we wouldn’t buy gifts for each other, not even a secret Santa game we tend to do every year (minus the children of course).  Instead, we decided to each bring a game, and to enjoy each other’s company.  This idea came from my “Irish Twin” sister; and I can’t believe we never thought of this before.  This year, especially the last month or so, we lost good people; and the one thing we wish we had with them was more time.  This Christmas tradition for my family means more to me than anything else because all I want is more time with the people I love and not have to worry about 30 gifts to buy.  Dressing up in silly Christmas sweaters or PJ’s, laughing, eating, drinking, singing….I am getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it.  To me, THIS is what Christmas is all about.

Another initiative I am starting with a friend, is taking our kids with us to donate our time and efforts into the community.  Helping with the local food banks or shelters, and showing our kids (especially the older ones), to be grateful for what we have because there will always be people less fortunate than us; and even if we can make 1 family’s Christmas brighter by giving them the gift of compassion, it makes the holidays much more joyous.  I was always taught to give back and to appreciate everything I have because one day, we may need help too.

I felt like today I would write from the heart, something that’s been buried inside of me for quite some time.  With the holidays fast approaching, I felt as though this would be the perfect day to put my feelings and thoughts into a blog post.  November 1st. The end of one month, and the start of another.  It’s a little liberating.

I’m not writing this to tell you how you should be spending your holidays, because I get it, everyone’s circumstances are different.  This was all about me and my family, and it felt so good to put it out there.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


The Super Mommy.

It’s Over….for now.

I failed.

Yeah I said it.  I failed.

As I was laying on the floor pretending to cry to maybe get her to feel bad for me, I thought that maybe this was it.  She really wasn’t enjoying watching me pretend to cry.  She avoided eye contact, and said “No” when I asked if she wanted me to be sad.  I was almost there, I almost got her to do it, and then she didn’t.

So if my daughter can’t be coaxed into peeing in the potty, even by using pity, then I am done.  I feel like shit, I’m tired, and patience is at zero; no energy to keep this up.

If you are at work right now, and thinking, “My goodness my job is so hard sometimes. Not sure how much of this I can take.”  Try potty training my daughter for a day; or any toddler who is as stubborn as mine.  Your job will be a walk in the park compared to this.  Giving birth was easier than this.

So while I sit here feeling defeated, at least I know that no one will get my daughter to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  This is the one trait I hope she carries with her for the rest of her life.  A trait she gets from her father hands down.

I guess she will just be my baby a little while longer.  So, I will take the cuddles and naps and diaper changes for now until she decides she wants to do her business in a toilet.

I am not giving up, just taking a break; and mommy’s are allowed breaks because we are humans too.

Thanks for following me in this crazy journey.  I promise to start again soon!


The Not-So-Super, Super Mommy.

Potty Training Continued…

DAY 2 cont. :

Ok, I am convinced this child is afraid of peeing in the toilet.

After her #2 success, getting her to pee in the toilet was like pulling teeth.  She absolutely REFUSED to do it.  While I was prepping dinner, I had her standing on a chair next to me with the kitchen faucet running and she was sticking her hands in the water, so I was like…Ya this is it, this is how I get her to pee!  Yeah she peed alright; a trickle down her leg set her off and she hated it.  So I ran her to the toilet, thinking OMG yes, I finally did it! I cracked her!….and, you guessed it….NOTHING.  She will be the end of me, I swear it.

I took her back to the chair and she continued to play with the water.  A minute later she says, “Mommy I have to go potty!” I rushed her once again to the toilet, and….NOTHING!

So, here we go again.  Back to the chair.  Then she got bored of playing with the water, and she started running around with her brother.  She runs to me and says, “Uh oh! Mommy I pee!”.  I see spots on the floor but nothing else, so….once again, I picked her up and ran to the washroom.  Sat her down, and nothing, again.  She may have did a tiny bit, but not the Niagara Falls I was expecting since she was holding in her pee ALL day.

My husband gets home while this is all happening and he takes over.  Her seat ended up a little wet, but we didn’t see any signs of “yellow” in the toilet.  During dinner, it was the same as the night before….taking her to the potty about 4 times not knowing whether or not if she actually did anything.  After dinner, my husband decides to give her a bath and well he put bubble bath in there; so didn’t even know if she peed or not.  But he was convinced she did because well, it’s a hot bath, kids bladders love that shit.

At the end of day 2, I am exhausted; she’s exhausted because again, she had no nap!  My husband puts a diaper on her and she was out like a light.  & now, I come down with a cold/flu/plague/who the eff knows?…Great, my Wednesday is already shaping out to be perfect!

DAY 3:

Wake up feeling like a bag of you-know-what.  WHYYYYY MEEE???!!!  The only thing to do when you are a mom is take drugs and hope for the best.  Don’t you just love that although you are sick, doesn’t matter how sick, you still have kids to tend to, and a house to look after?  Ladies, if you are self-absorbed, look out for #1, like to sleep when you are sick, then motherhood is NOT for you.  For at least the first 16 years of your kids’ lives, it’s mostly ALL about them and their needs.  Life doesn’t care if you are sick and tired, you have a human being to care for and make sure they don’t grow up to be entitled assholes and pray to God and the heavens that they become decent human beings who contribute to society.

However, it’s all worth it I swear!  The feeling you get when they accomplish the smallest human thing like pooping in a potty, everything else melts away!

So now, here we are, Day 3 and my daughter still refuses to pee in the toilet.  I put her in underwear this morning, gave her a bottle of milk and even some water….still dry.  Still says “No” when I tell her to let me know when she needs to pee.  God help me – no, not God….at this point in life when I’ve lost loved ones, I pray to them.  Every day I silently (in my head) ask them to help me get through whatever challenges I may come across.  Well, this is the ultimate challenge – a stubborn toddler who refuses to pee in a toilet.  Sooo if anyone knows how to get her to actually WANT to pee in a toilet, your advice is welcomed.  I’m literally going to decorate my toilet in “Frozen” paraphernalia just to get her to want to sit there.

Stay tuned later tonight for an update on the rest of Day 3!

The Sick-and-Tired, Super Mommy!


Potty Training Hell

Alright, so, I have been asked to blog my experience this 2nd time around as I have many friends and family who haven’t hit this stage in their life yet.  So, ladies and gentlemen, pull up a chair, some popcorn, your alcoholic beverage of choice, and a pen and notepad.  What I am about to tell you is all true.  No exaggerations, no tall tales; just me and a stubborn almost 3 year old’s adventures in potty training.

A friend of mine raved about this 3 day potty training program that is supposed to work wonders.  However, you have to dedicate your entire 72 hours to your little prince/princess and literally get to know their bathroom habits.  You need to be the potty whisperer.  Anticipate the accident before it happens.  You need to plan this shit ahead of time, get all the potty training crap, prepared frozen meals and lots of wine and water.  Clearly, wine for you, water for the child.

I  potty trained my first born a tad later in life, he was probably around 3.5 years old and less stubborn.  So potty training with him was a breeze.  This tiny little fart, the apple of my eye, my little firecracker, is a stubborn one and refuses to go in the toilet.

Day 1 was yesterday, and let me tell you what I would have rather been doing then going through what I went through.  I’d rather get my teeth cleaned at the dentist, have a cavity filled and gargle that nasty mouth wash at the end where you can’t eat for an hour after.  My daughter is like a pee ninja.  This child would not and did not pee in the toilet once.  Not ONCE.  She did tell me however that she peed when she peed.  But did not warn me ahead of time.  This program says if you catch them doing it during the act that you are supposed to swoop them up and place them on the potty to finish and enforce positive attitude so they realize it’s a good thing to go anywhere but a diaper and underwear.  Well as soon as I placed that little bum on the potty seat, it’s as if her urethra shut closed with a lock.  Nothing.  We did this song and dance about 20 times yesterday, and well, it’s hard to be positive when your child is being a shit disturber on purpose.

Come dinner time, she hadn’t had a nap yet, frustrated and tired and cranky, so she sat on her chair at the table and would not eat her food.  Instead, she peed in her seat a little bit and told me she was doing it while she was doing it.  So I ran to the bathroom with her once again, and nothing.  This happened 2 more times and finally, she learned that she could get out of eating her food if she lied that she needed to pee.  By the 5th time I was so over it that I told her I didn’t care if she sat in her own filth that she needed to finish eating.  In walks daddy and the whole game changed.  She said she needed to pee once, so he brings her to the toilet, brings her food with him; but the little shit did not pee.  She ate most of her food, but she refused to pee.  So what does he do?  Takes her off, puts her in a pull up and gives her a bottle.  I was pissed, so pissed.  But I was also exhausted because well, today is another day.

So let me tell you how Day 2 is going so far……of course she wakes up with a super wet diaper because she held in the majority of her pee.  I removed her diaper and put her in underwear at 8am this morning.  Guess who hasn’t peed once, not even in her underwear?  It’s been 5.5 hours, and nothing.  I ask her if she wants water, she says no.  I gave her a bottle of milk and still…NOTHING.  I’ve sat her on the toilet when it looked like she was doing a pee dance, and still, NOTHING.  I’ve waved a Kinder Egg around and said if she was a good girl and peed in the potty like big girls do she would get one; she got all excited about it and still…NOTHING.  I started naming all the people I could think of that pee in a toilet and asked her if she wanted to be a big girl like them.  Of course she said yes, but nothing. I’ve sat in front of her playing hand games, singing ABCs, playing pretend hide and seek and NADA.  I am supposed to keep reminding her to keep her underwear dry and to tell me if she needs to pee.  This child is like Chuck Norris.  There is no breaking her.  And yet, I’m supposed to stay positive and have this fake smile on my face and jump around like an idiot to get her to pee on the damn potty.  She has been sitting on my lap for the last 45 minutes, I’ve asked her about 15 times if she needs to pee and she said no every time.

There has to be a breaking point!  This child needs to pee some time, and I REFUSE to put her in a diaper.  We are down to the very last diaper in this house, and I really don’t want to buy any more.

“Oh maybe she’s not ready”.  No, she’s ready.  She just chooses not to conform to society and would rather shit and piss in a diaper.  Since the moment this child was born, I always said she was ahead of her years.  Ready for college and a full time job because she is a fierce and smart little girl.

1:55pm – Ok guys, maybe this is it, she just told me she wants to go potty!  I think she’s doing it…it may be #2 because she’s acting a little awkward. YAY! she’s doing it!!!  – It was #2 but no pee yet….but my goodness she finally did something.  And I acted like a total nerd while she was doing it and her facial expressions were priceless.  I’ve attached pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Progress people….progress.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of Day 2 and Day 3.

The Not So Super, Super Frustrated Mommy




You Have to Brave the Storm to See the Rainbow

Not sure what cosmic crap has been brewing this past week, but I feel like my household has been cursed with crazy behavior and rollercoaster emotions.  Needless to say, I am SO relieved it’s Friday.  An end to a shitty-ass week.

With that being said, I have had some great highlights to my week – Wednesday I drove 2 hours to give a 5 minute presentation for a conference that my day job puts on every year.  It was a great experience, and I would probably do it again next year, if I’m asked to of course.  That night I joined in on some much needed Wine & Yoga time.  My weekly ritual to help melt away my stresses.  Probably one of my favourite parts of the week! The instructor is awesome and light-spirited and she puts up with us crazies that show up on a weekly basis.  It’s wonderful! hahaha.

Last night, my sister took me to a “Cocktails & Calligraphy” class.  Now I am obsessed with brush lettering.  I told the instructor, whom I happen to know since High school, that by the time I am done, I will probably have it all over my walls at home.  We haven’t covered up the builder’s paint yet (I know, it’s been over 2 years), so might as well write all over it before we finally make the time to paint! Alicia at Alicia Spence Design Co did a fabulous job and she got us super pumped.  I think if she didn’t tell us we were already over the allotted time that I would have stayed all night.

Today, a potential client from New York sent me a text message asking for my makeup services!  Apparently I was highly recommended by a fellow makeup artist, so I am quite excited to do this!  Unfortunately, I will not be going to New York to do this, as they are hosting their engagement party at a golf course just North of the salon I partner up with.  But, a girl can dream big and hope for that flight to New York right???  One day! For now, I will be happy with this job; the client sounds like an interesting person, so I can’t wait to meet them!

This weekend I will probably use the time wisely to get shit done at home, reflect on a few things, and spend some time with my kids.  They drive me insane all week long, but they are mine, and mine alone (ok, my husband’s too lol) and need to enjoy me at my best too.

I chose today to talk about my highs, because this week has been full of lows.  I need to remind myself every once in a while that good things happen, whether big or small, and that no matter what storm may pass, there will always be a rainbow and beautiful sunshine waiting for me.  Can’t appreciate the good things without some of the bad.

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday and enjoy the wonderful weather ahead!

Signing off for now,

The Super Exhausted, Working Mommy


It’s Monday

I need some motivation today.

Ever feel like your mind is so busy that you actually draw a blank?  For some of you, this might not make any sense, but there are days where my mind is processing so much that everything becomes a blur and I can’t think of anything to say or write about.  Clearly, because I don’t write often, that means it happens to me all the time.  There are days when I come across people, and I don’t even know what to say.  So, to those people who witness me being awkwardly silent, it’s not that I don’t like you or don’t want to talk to you; it’s my brain that won’t shut up and I can’t pick a thought out.

It has been super busy lately – I’ve got 3 weddings to do makeup for in September and a few other projects coming up that I’m excited for.

In a couple of weeks I will be painting a floral-type mural on my god daughter’s bedroom wall.  It’s a pretty large wall, so I anticipate this to be more than just a 1 day thing.  I had created letters for this wall that spell out her name, and the flowers I used on these letters will be painted on the wall.  Not entirely sure how I will pull this off, but I tend to work well under pressure! hahaha!  So I got some time to think about it still I think.  Shhhhh don’t tell my sister! (Even though she will be one of the first ones to read this).

Below are the letters I created for her.  I actually made my own flowers by pulling the petals off a vine-type flower (sorry, I’m not an expert at flowers, so please excuse me for my lack of naming them!), and I glued the petals together creating this!  So, I will be painting Garden Roses, Regular Roses, and whatever my creation was.  LOL.


On top of this wall mural, my son asked me to turn his room into an Avengers – themed room, and of course, being his mother’s son, he had some ideas of his own.  He’s 7, but super creative and imaginative so I like to hear what he has to say.  Obviously, there are some things I just can not do.  He asked me to do the movie version of the characters and I laughed.  I told him, “I’m good, but I’m not that good”. Besides, movie characters expire – the comic versions are timeless!  This project is going to take me a large amount of time to do though; so I can’t promise you when you will be able to see the final outcome.  Maybe before Christmas?? LOL!

I promised to write more about my work, rather than my personal life, but sometimes it’s hard not to!  My work, whether it be makeup, painting, creating things – is part of my life and what I love to do.  Sometimes I gotta write about the crap that keeps me from being motivated to do what I love.  And other times, like today, I talk about what I’m actually doing with my life.  So, sorry if this blog post isn’t super personal like most of my posts, but I need to focus more on getting my work out there!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Not-So-Super, Super Hardworking, Overwhelmed Mommy!



Short one today

Just fought with my 2.5 year old for 45 minutes for her to eat her food. Yeah…felt like I was negotiating with a brick wall.

It got to the point where she was falling asleep in her booster seat and crying at the same time.  SHE CRIED FOR 45 MINUTES!! I don’ understand how she still had tears left.

Well…guess who won?

Snapchat-650631621So, I am done for today.

Waiting for my husband to get home to tag me out like we are in a tag team wrestling match.

I will be drinking wine and watching TV all evening.

Peace out,

The Super frustrated and exhausted Mommy.


Writer’s Block

I know….I failed.  It is taking me longer than I initially planned to plan out my blog.

I have been keeping busy with my makeup, full time job, social events, LIFE, etc….  However, Once I get going, I will try to be more consistent.  My goal is to start blogging once a week, and eventually once a day.

I also have an almost top secret project I will be starting in the coming months, and it’s pretty exciting.  A friend of mine planted a seed, and now my brain is going 100kms a minute.  So I now have to organize my thoughts onto paper and put a plan into action.

Can’t wait to share this but, I will be taking my time with this because the subject/project is important to me; and I believe a lot of women will benefit from it as well.

In the mean time, I still have my makeup jobs and artwork/décor, and that’s pretty exciting in itself.  Not sure what took me so long to get to this point when I have been doing this for years.  Probably fear of failing?  Fear of the type of response I’d get?  Social media can be so rewarding, but it can tear you down quicker than it takes to build you up.  I am being cautious, but I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone.

Thank you to my followers for your patience and all your love!

I am so excited to share everything with you; hopefully soon!

Signing off for now;

The Not-so-Super, Super Mommy!



Trying to get Organized

So, I have been putting off organizing my “office space” in the basement.  Only because the play area exploded, once again, so I have to deal with toy-mania before I work on my space.

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time my son planted a bomb in the basement; the last time we actually got rid of 2 large garbage bags full because of it.  I am a dog hair away from chucking it all out this time!

Anyone with organization ideas for crafts, papers, fabrics, sewing accessories, and paints???  I welcome any help!! I need to wrap my head around this and take a good 4 days of my already busy time to execute it.  If you have pictures or links to good/cheap organization ideas, please send them my way!